Wizard Variations

Learning, Knowing and Memorizing Spells

Wizards need to acquire spells as usual, and when committing them to their spell book, they make a test to learn (“know”) the spell. If they are successful, they are able to memorize the spell, preparing it for casting as usual.

The Known Spells chart for Wizards should be read as “Memorized Spells”. Casting spells works as usual; on successful casting, the spell is not generally lost. If a spell is lost, the Wizard may relearn it, requiring only a time of study equal to half the original time to learn the spell. No new check to know the spell is required.

A Wizard may voluntarily “forget” a spell – let it fade from memory. It requires a statement of such, and a good nights sleep, and then half the time to relearn. A Wizard may forget any number of spells if they so choose during a single night’s sleep, but each spell requires 1/2 the time of learning it to memorize it anew.

Voluntarily forgetting spells is risky – a Wizard may not change their mind, and is therefore vulnerable during the time they have fewer than normal spells prepared.

Wizard Variations

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