Brother Aberkan (deceased)

Over-presumptious cleric


(1) Food of the Gods
(1) Holy Sanctuary
(1) Protection form Evil
(1) Resist Cold of Heat
(1) Blessing
(2) Binding
(2) Diving Symbol
(2) Stinging Stone
(2) Restore Vitality

+2 Staff, Int 12, speaks — summons sphinx “Aron”

  • Bane of Gods: “Beacon of Hope” Allies get +2 saving throws and morale
  • Bane of Serpents: Inflicts 1d6 festering would, 1d4 following round
  • Bane of Naga: Inflicts 1d6 festering wound, 1d4 following round
  • Band of Cleric: 1 higher on crit range
  • Purposes: Slay Orcus, chaotic dragons, chaotic demons
  • Powers: detect sloping passages within 80 feet, detect gems w/in 40 feet, summon “Aron” 1d3 times daily

Brother Aberkan, devotee of Thyr, felt it was his holy duty to oversee the guest to Tsar. He assumed it would be straightforward. He assumed wrong.

His remains will forever be entombed in the pitch spewed from the great dragon guarding the gates of Tsar, after unsuccessfully purifying the tar pits in which it slumbered.

Also lost was his enchanted staff, containing the sage sphinx “Aron.” The staff waits for a new wielder, if that individual can free it from the tar pits in which it rests.

Brother Aberkan (deceased)

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