The Plunder of Sleeping Tsar

Session 0
Risk and Reward

The meeting with the priesthood had been arranged. It wasn’t a simple matter to come by, and at least one blood oath of secrecy was taken before it came to pass.

The priest, Joh’son, met you in a sacred hall of Muir. His medallion was a steel disk with a series of runes – only that of Muir would be familiar to most. His delivery was straightforward:

“It is written that upon their certain defeat at the Temple City of Tsar by the gathered Army or Light, the followers of the demon god fled to the Forest of Hope, and their sanctum of Rappan Athuk. Little is mentioned of Tsar ever since, and with little reason to do so..

Recently, my order received a scroll, an artifact three hundred years old. This scroll is a copy of a dispatch with orders for one Lord Bishu. Bishu was a Lord Paladin, under the command of Zelkor, Commander of the Army of Light. It was long believed that he fell with the others at Rappan Athuk.

The scroll, however, documents that Bishu was ordered, with his unit, to hold the city of Tsar. He was never heard from, however.

The Desolation is the remains of an ancient battlefield and encampment. Records of the time indicate that burials occurred and tombs were built, long forgotten. Both armies left in haste – there are, no doubt, a number of forgotten secret, magical and mundane, treasure to be sure. Within Tsar, which lies at the heart of the Desolution? I can only imagine, and I’m not sure that I dare.

I would ask that you look for any signs of Bishu or his men. Word of their passing, successes, artifacts, relics … I’m sure any successful venture into Tsar will more than compensate you for such. As well, we are most interested in any word of what happened to Lord Bishu, specifically."

The Church will compensate you for any religious icons or items which they wish to posses; other finds are yours to keep, of course. Muir and Thyr do not have a presence in the Desolation; successful PCs who need healing and can reach a major city can be accommodated.


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