Sozen the Unearther

Surprisingly Agile Dwarf


Lucky Roll: Survived the plague (Magical healing) (-1)
Languages: Common, Dwarven, [choose one more]
Dwarven ability: Infravision
Dwarven skill Shield bash — Make an extra d14 attack with your shield (1d3 damage)

+2 Warhammer — d3+2 melee (dmg: 1d8+deed roll+2) “Stanwood”

  • Intelligence 7, Empathy
  • Unerring Throw: Only with demons, acts as a boomerang. Uses missile attack roll with Agility mod
  • Bane: Demons: +3 attack and damage, Undead +3 attack and damage, +1 additional to specific undead (currently unknown), golems +2 damage
  • Detects gold within 10 feet
  • Creature must roll save DC 15 or turn to stone
  • Purpose: Purge world of paragons of both law and chaos, Achieve perfect self-harmony

+2 Shield

Special Gear/Items

  • Cloak of Mushroom Fields: Nearly invisible in mushroom environment
  • 2 bottles of mushroom wine

A humble drawven mushroom farmer turned adventurer. Joined the party without fully understanding the scope of the task, misses the warm damn mushroom fields of home.

Particularly fond of “enlarge” spells and takes great joy on smashing things when 15 feet tall.

Has a slight crush on the human warrior Ailith.

Sozen the Unearther

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